Wipe 2014.16 Full & Final Free Download (LATEST)

Wipe 2014.16 Full & Final Free Download (LATEST)

Wipe – Free, easy and powerful tool to clear history of surfing the Internet, clean index.dat files, remove cookies cookies, cache, logs, delete temporary files inetrnet, autocomplete search history and any other tracks that user leaves when leaving the computer. Wipe 2014.16 Full & Final Free Download (LATEST) – a program that does not delete user documents are deleted only the tracks that your computer has collected about your activity without your permission!
Wipe 2014.16 Full & Final Free Download (LATEST) 1
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After starting the program you will see a window with a list that instantly calculates all computer tracks and junk files are on your computer, everything will be divided into sections. You can double-click any item in the list and see what data it stores. For example, see cookies or index.dat files. After that, you can clean them all or just selected. Try this free program and you will find many many invisible areas in Windows that store information about your activity in different places!


WIPE has several built-in functions for extra protection, such as: Screen blocker.
Clever support programs:
Wipe supports clearing tracks in Windows Xp and Vista, in all popular browsers (IE, FireFox, Opera, Chrome), and many other programs that you use. Each month there is a new version to help find Wipe and clean traces in the latest programs that may be issued.

Without restoring!
Wipe includes DODD 5220.22 (Gutmann, Russian GOST) methods that make deleted tracks nevosstanovimymi.I more! Wipe destroy the names of files to be deleted so that no one can even guess what did you do on your computer!

System requirements:
Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 (x64-x86)

Language: ML (Rus)
Medicine: Free


Wipe 2014.16 Full & Final Free Download (LATEST)