Smart Tools 1.7.2 APK [Android]

Download Smart Tools 1.7.2 APK Cracked Hack Full Version

Smart Tools APK is the Set of geometric tools for Android OS. Includes means for measuring the inclination angle, length, width, distance of the object. Have built vibrometer, sound level meter, GPS-compass, metal detector (uses g-Sensor).
Download Smart Tools 1.7.2 APK Cracked Hack Full Version 2
This set includes 6 professional sets consisting of 16 instruments. In short, all-in-one.


Tools in Smart Tools APK:
Part 1: length, angle, slope, level, thread (Smart Ruler Pro)
Part 2: distance, height, width, area (Smart Measure Pro)
Part 3: compass, metal detector, GPS (Smart Compass Pro)
Part 4: Sound level meter, vibration meter (Sound Meter Pro)
Part 5: flashlight, magnifying glass, mirror (Smart Light Pro)
Part 6: Unit (Unit Converter)

Changes in v1.7.2:
• Galaxy Note4 and LG G3 support.

Released: 2014
OS: Android 2.2 and up
Language: Russian
Mounting Type: apk
Status: hacked

Download Smart Tools 1.7.2 APK

Smart Tools 1.7.2 APK [Android]