OpenCanvas 6.0.05 Full & Final (LATEST)

OpenCanvas 6.0.05 Full & Final (LATEST) + CRACK PATCH KEYGEN KEY DOWNLOADnvas 6.0.05 Full & Final (LATEST) – a program enabling the artist novice / advanced easily master the computer art. OpenCanvas – the program will help you to master drawing. Big set of brushes, functions that will help you bring your ideas and ideas on the host. Download free OpenCanvas you can take full news, direct links.
OpenCanvas 6.0.05 Full & Final (LATEST) + CRACK PATCH KEYGEN KEY DOWNLOAD 1
OpenCanvas 6.0.05 Full & Final (LATEST) – offer a huge selection of different filters, a plurality of color palettes, you can edit the brush, so you can change its shape, density, how much it will be sensitive to the Wirth. canvas. You can also skillfully ispolzoovat OpenCanvas together with the tablet, use the stylus or any other pointer, feeling thus artist.
OpenCanvas – most often used to create manga and anime pictures.
OpenCanvas 6.0.05 Full & Final (LATEST) + CRACK PATCH KEYGEN KEY DOWNLOAD 2
openCanvas – This is a small-sized program with an intuitive interface, without unnecessary bells and whistles, but combines the main advantages of such giants of CG (Computer Graphics), like Adobe PhotoShop and Corel Painter. There is a palette of tools, basic filters, the Brush Editor, where you can change shape, sensitivity, hardness brush, convenient palette of colors, etc. Especially good program combined with a graphics tablet as responds to pen pressure and tilt. Because program was developed by a Japanese company, it is mainly a tool mangaka and animeshnikov. However, the possibilities are almost unlimited program.
OpenCanvas 6.0.05 Full & Final (LATEST) + CRACK PATCH KEYGEN KEY DOWNLOAD 3
You can draw a openCanvas pens, pencils and brushes. To paint you can use a palette knife. Bundled with a variety of drawing tools library is quite large with their help, if you wish, you can simulate painting with oil and acrylic paints, gouache and pastel, as well as create a poster image. Embedded brush pens and pencils can be easily controlled, and changing not only their size, degree of pressure, transparency and the like, but also to a large extent the shape of the tool. Custom tools can be stored in the tool library fOpenCanvas 6.0.05 Full & Final (LATEST) + CRACK PATCH KEYGEN KEY DOWNLOAD 4or future use. Besides the art tools, the program includes classical bitmap, such as a stamp, finger, spot a variety of dimmers and clarifiers. In addition, there are several selection tools, including a magic wand and edge extraction of the text; implemented for conventional raster packages mirror reflection, rotation, cropping, etc .; Compatible traditional bitmap filters, as well as to work with layers, including support for grouping layers, the regulation of their transparency, change layer mode and connection masks. Created drawings can be saved in the format of the program openCanvas – OCI, as well as in popular raster formats, JPEG, and PNG.


New Features of OpenCanvas 6.0.05 Full & Final (LATEST):
New Pen
Free Deformation
Layer Clipping: Let you use the content of a layer to mask the layers above it
Layer Link
Snap: Help with precise placement of selection edges, cropping marquees, shapes, paths, etc ..
Flip Horizontal / Vertical
Highspeed display of high resolution image editing
Highspeed display and improvement of Brushstroke
Adding new Brush
New Layer Group function
and more ..

Title: OpenCanvas
Developer: portalgraphics
Distribution Licence: ShareWare
Language: English
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.


OpenCanvas 6.0.05 Full & Final (LATEST)