Newsoftwares USB Block 1.6.2 Full & Final

Download Newsoftwares USB Block 1.6.2 Full & Final + Crack
Newsoftwares USB Block prevents leakage and copy of your data to USB drives, external drives, CD / DVD, or other such portable devices. After installing USB Block lets you block all such drives and devices that do not belong to you. If USB Block is installed on your computer, you can relax and share information without fear of data theft. You can also install the software on multiple computers in an office or home and chuvstvat safe. USB Block also lets you create a list of devices and drives with password authorization so that only your USB drives or CDs can be accessed on your computer.
Download Newsoftwares USB Block 1.6.2 Full & Final + Crack 2Download Newsoftwares USB Block 1.6.2 Full & Final + Crack 1
Full data integrity
Prevent data leakage with PC
Preventing abuse of your data
Preventing the spread of viruses and malicious attacks
Prevent hackers and data theft

Copy Protection
Stops unknown / illegal copying of your data
Protect your copyright materials / data
Protection works well in Safe Mode
Includes Quiet mode for masking


Tamper Protection
Full data integrity
Prevent Data Theft
Prevent unauthorized access
Prevent unauthorized launch devices

monitoring attacks
Control of attempts to enter the fake password
Control of attempts unknown / illegal removal
Ability to Catch a criminal in the act

Blocking all devices
Blocks unauthorized USB Drives
Blocks unauthorized CD / DVD
Blocks unauthorized access to your network
Blocks unauthorized disks and partitions

Operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Released: 2014
Interface language: English

Title: Newsoftwares USB Block
Medicine: there

Newsoftwares USB Block 1.6.2 Full & Final